Sunny Health Fitness SF-RB4601 Stationary Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Sunny Health Fitness SF-RB4601 stationary recumbent exercise bike is a compact exercise bike that is extremely comfortable and easy to use. One of the most lauded features of this best stationary bike is the reclining position which allows for a high level of comfort and productivity. An added advantage of the bike is that magnetic tension system allows for a choice that the user can make with regard to the intensity of the workout. All these hardware comes together with an LCD system that keeps track of the most vital aspects of your workout in a convenient and easy to use interface. The seat and seat back is cushioned and very comfortable to use. The handle bars and foot pedals have flawless movement and stability.  The components will be examined in detail below

The seat of the bike is by default very comfortable and ergonomic. However if you prefer a different position, you can do so by adjusting the seat. It is easily adjustable allowing the user to attain the highest comfort that they desire. The tension system has a staggering 8 levels which results in a wide range of intensity options. The main focus here is to tone your glutes. The magnetic tension system allows the more seasoned veterans of workouts to get an effective session in, while also helping the beginners in a very low tension setting. The specialty here is that no matter what the tension level is, the bike always performs smoothly and efficiently. There is no strain on the machinery by using a high tension setting due to the sheer quality of the build itself. The base of the Sunny Health Fitness SF-RB4601 stationary recumbent exercise bike has a very sturdy build which screams safety and comfort. The base in extremely well built resulting in the solid operation of each and every part. Even though the bike is relatively compact and small, it supports a high weight capacity of around 300 pounds. Even at 300 pounds the bike runs smoothly without any issue. The statistics and information of your exercise is shown in a very convenient and easy to use digital display monitor. The monitor shows the time you have exercised in order to keep in track while also showing the speed and distance. You could couple this information with the intensity level in order to build an effective workout. It also shows your pulse which allows you to be safe as a well as to keep track of your heart rate before and after the workout.

The Sunny Health Fitness SF-RB4601 stationary recumbent exercise bike is a fine addition to anyone looking for a simple and effective workout. It is very solid and sturdy due to the base and structure of the bike while at the same time being built in such a way that allows great mobility and accessibility. The assembly is very easy with the instructions provided.

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