Recumbent Bike Workout Plan

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So, you already have an awesome recumbent bike and now you need a recumbent bike workout plan, right? If that is what you need then you are at the most perfect place possible as we will only talk about recumbent bike workout plan in this small article. Hopefully, when you will be done reading this article, you won’t have any more issues with recumbent bike workout plans. Let’s not waste anytime in the introduction section of this article and get into the action straight.

recumbent bike workout plan

recumbent bike workout plan

Recumbent Bike Workout Plan

The reason that recumbent bike is so popular is because it can make you work really hard without you even noticing. There are different types of workouts that you can perform with a recumbent bike. There is regular day to day workouts that you can go for, there are also intensive workouts that you might target. In this article, we will mostly be taking about the weight loss workout plans as that is the major target for most people. Off topic: Did you know that if you lose all of your fats from the belly area, your packs will be visible without even doing anything for abs? Yes, all human beings are born with abs but those get hidden under the fat layers. If you can just remove the fats from those areas, the packs will be visible again. Anyway, let’s get back to the point. Let’s have a look at some of the most successful and profitable (calorie wise) recumbent bike workout plan that you can go for.

Mega Machine

This is one of the most intensive workout plans that you can target if you are interested to lose calories and at the same time, if you want to do it within a short period of time. In mega machine, you simply do paddling as fast as you can for around 5 minutes. You have to go up to your last limit if you want this method to be profitable. After you have done intensive workouts for around 5 minutes, simply take rest for around two minutes and start again. Do three sessions minimum per sitting and try to do two or three sets a day. It will take your around half an hour in total but the calorie burn will be immense. Remember, if you are not doing it up to your full potential and strength, this method will not be fruitful.

15 Second Madness

This is a lot like the Mega machine version but this is applicable for those who do not want to go for a 5 minutes session. You might think that 5 minutes is nothing but it is actually a very long time when you are riding a recumbent bike. So, if you are not ready to go for the five minute thing or if you want to start small then the best option is to pick the 15 second madness. The process is exactly the same though. You will simply be doing your paddling as fast as you can for 15 seconds and then you will take a rest for 15 more seconds. After that 30 seconds is gone, you will start again for 15 seconds which will be followed by another break of 15 seconds. This will go on till you can or your body allows you.


Marathon is an easier approach towards exercise. In this case, you will first decide how much do you want to lose in the next half an hour. All recumbent bikes have a display where you can see how much calorie you are burning while paddling. Keep an eye on that and start your workout session. Target to lose at least more than 200 calories in the next 30 minutes. Some people lose way more where some people can’t even manage to lose 50 calories. The key here is to go slow. Remember, you will be working out for the next 30 minutes. Therefore, you should paddle in a marathon fashion. Take a cellphone game or music to divert your mind. You can also read a story book while you are paddling.

Random Paddling

Random paddling is a method that is never used by the professionals in gym or in weight loss centers. This is a method that you can only use in your home with your own best recumbent bike. The name sounds like something super interesting but the method is actually a very simple one. In this case, you will simply be doing your exercise at a random basis without any prior notice or anything. Just hop in to the recumbent bike and start paddling. If you are bored or tired, simply go away.

There is a trick though. You have to make sure that you are hopping on to your recumbent bike at least 5 times a day. Yes, you might only paddle for 5 minutes each time but make sure that you are trying it for at least 5 times a day. There is no scientific study behind this technique but most users said that this technique has helped them to lose weight. As they had no pressure of working out other than just to be on the recumbent bike, it actually made their life a lot easier.

So this was our article on the recumbent bike workout plan. We know it, right? It is simple. All exercise methods are actually simple. What is tough is implementing those plans. Try your best and you will definitely be able to reach your goal.

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