How To Lose Weight With Recumbent Bike

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Stationary bikes have long been a popular tool for exercising, they are efficient and fun to use. The most commonly known exercise bikes are the upright stationary bikes, but recumbent stationary bikes are quickly growing in popularity. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, which type of exercise bike you should use depends mostly on your personal riding needs and fitness and rehab needs. First we will compare and talk about the differences between the upright stationary exercise bike and the recumbent stationary exercise bike and why you lose weight with the recumbent bike.



The upright exercise and fitness bike is designed like a more traditional road bike that you are used to seeing and riding outside. The seat is positioned almost directly above the foot pedals, giving the rider a very high center of gravity, which in turn makes the bike less stable. Because the seat is high, the rider needs to sit upright and lean forward, which can cause soreness in your hands, wrist and arms from the weight and stress put on them from leaning forward while riding. The seating position also forces riders to lean forward over the bike frame while slightly bending the neck and back.

The recumbent exercise and fitness bike is designed like a recumbent bike, where the rider sits into the bike frame and the seat is almost in-line with the foot pedals. Because the seat is so low, the rider has a very low center of gravity, making the bike feel very stable. The seat position also allows the rider to sit reclined, leaning back with your arms hanging by your side. Because there is now added weight or stress added on your hands, wrist and arms, there is also no soreness like with the upright exercise bike. The rider is seated in a natural, reclined position so there is also no need to bend your neck or back.

With the best stationary bike, the gluteal muscles of your butt do not receive the all the benefits of your workout because of the sitting position. You need to stand while using the upright exercise bike if you want to get the most out of the gluteal muscles. Because you are sitting in a reclined position on the recumbent bike, you are naturally working the gluteus maximus and can lose weight with the recumbent bike around the butt area.

While riding an upright exercise bike, it is common to get saddle soreness. No matter how comfortable or thick the seat padding may be, the position you are seated on an upright bike will cause saddle soreness after certain period of riding. The design of a recumbent bike allows for a naturally comfortable seat, which can feel like you are sitting in a comfortable chair. The added comfort allows you to have a more comfortable workout.

The unnatural position of body alignment while cycling on an upright exercise produces fatigue in the rider’s body that doesn’t have any benefits. In other words, the fatigue a rider may feel from an upright bike comes from the position one must sit and not from the exercise itself. Cycling in a more natural position of body alignment, which is what the recumbent exercise bike is designed for, reduces unnatural fatigue. Because you don’t feel tired from sitting in an unnatural position, you have more energy to workout longer and lose weight with the recumbent bike.

People who suffer from lower back pain or neck pain are also far less comfortable exercising on an upright exercise bike. The position you must sit in, forces you to constantly bend your back and bend your neck to keep your head up, causing stress and further pain and discomfort. The position you’re body sits in a recumbent exercise bike is far more comfortable and enjoyable, and doesn’t put any added stress on your back or neck. The added comfort also increases your desire to keep on riding, thus losing weight on the recumbent bike.

Proper seat adjustment also plays a factor in your exercise and how you lose weight with the recumbent bike. When putting your heal on the foot pedal, your leg should be fully extended or over extended. When you pedal with the ball of your foot on the foot pedal, there should be a little bit of flex left in your knee. If you feel pain in the front of your knee, that usually means there is too much leg bend. If you feel pain in the back of your knee, then that usually means there is too little bend.

This doesn’t mean that using an upright exercise bike doesn’t come with benefits. Many would argue that an upright can offer a more intense workout than the recumbent exercise bike, which are more comfortable. Their theory is that the comfort of the recumbent bike may make the rider not want to push themselves as hard as they could. However, it can also be said that the added comfort will motivate the rider to push themselves even more, enabling them to get a longer workout and lose weight with the recumbent bike.

It is noted that 95 percent of people who exercise, do so to lose weight. Most women admit that some of the hardest places to lose weight on their body are the hip and thigh areas. Fortunately for them, the recumbent helps burn fat all over, while allowing the trainee to exert all their energy and concentration to the legs and glutes, giving them the ideal workout needed to lose weight on the recumbent bike.

Studies have shown that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) creates a hormonally and calorically advantageous environment to lose inches, while cycling against heavy resistance creates a similar effect to that of weight training, helping shape the legs. The design of the bike allows the bodies movement to load the glutes and the quadriceps, concentrating on the areas right below the glutes, an area many fitness professionals refer to as the ‘glute-hamstring tie-in’. The glute-hamstring tie-in is also known for being a difficult area to lose weight from and is also where most women first develop cellulite.

According to the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, HIIT burns more fat and calories than low and moderate intensity aerobic exercises. Researchers had untrained individuals perform HIIT exercises three times a week for a period of six weeks. Each session lasted one hour and alternated 4 minutes of exertion at 90% VO2 max, and then 2 minutes of rest. This process was repeated ten times. Each partaker’s fat oxidation, VO2 max and other variables were measured before the study began and then at the end of the 6 weeks, a total of 18 workouts. On average, fat oxidation increased 60% from the start. This means that even though the workout stayed the same for the entire 6 weeks, their bodies became more efficient at burning fat. Their bodies also built up more endurance, being able to pedal harder and longer than when they first started. Although the recumbent bike works out only the lower portion of your body, the metabolic effect caused by interval training, generated a fat-burning ripple effect that allows you to lose weight with the recumbent bike.

For a traditional HIIT workout on the recumbent bike, make sure you pedal as hard as you can during the ‘working’ portion of your workout, and pedal very slowly during the ‘resting’ portion of your workout. By moving your legs slow during the resting period, you allow yourself to recover so you can generate the same amount of force for the next working portion of your workout. During the working segment, you want it to be as intense as possible, exert yourself to the point of breathlessness. During the resting period, you want to avoid moving fast, even if you can. The large differential between working and resting will have a more pronounced fat-burning effect. Keep in mind, it’s not about how long you work out, but instead about how intense the workout is. This is a very efficient way to lose weight with a recumbent bike.

If you want to add to the intensity of your workout and also do a little upper body training at the same time, you can add dumbbells to your workout. Start with a lighter weights at first so you don’t hurt yourself. Overexertion can cause damage to your body, preventing future workouts and leaving you in pain and anguish. You follow the same process of working out as described in the previous paragraph, in that you want incorporate intervals of intense working segments, followed by a resting period. While you are pushing your legs to the limit during the working portion, you will use the dumbbells to perform upper body exercises at the same time. Moving your full body while pedaling on the recumbent bike can feel awkward at first, but your body will adapt. This workout will increase the fat-burning potential exponentially by using more of your bodies muscle groups. This intense exercise not only challenges your body’s aerobic capacity, but also its muscle endurance. This exercise will definitely leave you breathless, exhausted and burning. During the resting period of the exercise it is ok to rest your upper body, but remember to keep moving your legs at a slow pace. You can also keep your upper body moving a little during the resting period, but you want to give your body enough rest to be able to able to crank it up during the working segment. This is a fast way to lose weight with the recumbent bike.

If you want to improve the muscular endurance of your leg while shaping it, you can use a protocol setting on your recumbent bike. The workouts are a little longer, but it also concentrate a slow, deep aching in the quads and glutes. This is a great way to lose weight on the recumbent bike while shaping those muscles. It is recommended that you concentrate on the muscles that are being worked and squeeze them to get the maximum effect. This is a great alternative to a light weight training workout.

The recumbent bike offers a great alternative to the treadmill or upright bike because it is more comfortable on the body, and energy is not lost to fatigue not caused by the workout. If used properly you can burn the same amount of calories using the recumbent bike as you would using the treadmill. The treadmill naturally uses more muscles during the workout, but you can use dumbbells to get the rest of your body moving while cycling. By being inventive and not shying away from pushing yourself, you lose weight with a recumbent bike the same as you would with a treadmill.

A recumbent bike has more benefits that losing weight and shaping muscle, it is also a great machine for those who have a disability or need physical rehabilitation. The bike’s design takes a large amount of strain off your back and knee joints, according to Because of this, many consider the bike as an ideal machine for people who have back or core problems and also for people who are in the process rehabbing their leg, knee, or any other part of the lower body.

There are many reasons recumbent bikes grow in popularity, whether it be for muscle training, rehabilitating your body or because you want to lose weight with the recumbent bike, it definitely has its advantages. Its design provides one of the most comfortable methods for its users to safely exercise and lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. You can literally sit back and relax while exercising. These machines are great for overweight people looking to lose weight and exercise, but are uncomfortable on an upright exercise machine. Treadmills can also put a lot of stress on the knees of overweight people. The recumbent bikes usually come with a variety of large contoured seats, making it a great choice for people of all shapes and sizes to lose weight.

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