How Riding Bikes Help You Loose Weight

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How Riding Bikes Help You Loose Weight

A wise man once said, “The wealthiest and most blessed man on earth is not a man wealthy and blessed with gold, but with good health.” And he could have said any truer words. It is a modern tragedy to be a part of a century so fast paced and booming. Mankind has achieved some great things in this revolutionary time: conquered the moon, invented cures for viruses, built the tallest buildings that reach above the clouds, and made billions in money and jobs. Not that we do not appreciate the advancement and better opportunities, but it is not a mystery that all these goodness are but a double sided knife, and it has cost us one of our most priceless assets, our health. With the increasing pressure and misconduct of rules and regulations happening all over the world, we often look to grasp the easiest way out, the shorts-cuts and the temporary fixes. Suffering from a headache? Just chow down on a dozen of aspirins and non-prescription drugs to relief the pain. Bored? Play the Xbox for half a day until you cannot feel your fingers anymore. Hungry, but not willing to cook? No problem, just stop by McDonalds and chow down a gallon of soda, a bucket of fries and a few burgers. You see, the thing is we no longer stop. We do not stop to breathe and take some time to invest in ourselves anymore. We do not take advantages of the simpler pleasures of life, the local farms, the cleaner food, the open skies, or anything at all for that matter. Did you know, one of the top reasons for death all across the world today is obesity? Yes, more people are dying from weight related problems today than ever. In fact, recent statistics show that 3 in 4 men are obese in the USA, and 1 in 20 suffers from morbid obesity. Is it not the most tragic of fate to not be able to attend your child’s graduation because you were lying at the hospital cabin from cholesterol and blood pressure issues? There is nothing sadder than to watch your son look at the soccer moms cheer leading their kids, while you could not attend because you exhaust after a minute’s walk up the arena, or when see your ill father brush with death everyday because he could not bother to eat well his entire life.  Well, the shortest and simplest word of solution to the doom of our generation is, well, riding bikes!

Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel after all, and bikes are here to your rescue. More and more people today are becoming increasing health conscious, and more importantly weight conscious. Now, while dropping a few pounds to look great in your dream dress is a reason enough for being weight conscious, but knows that looking good is not the one purpose. It is just as important to look after your weight to feel great! Gaining more than your body’s need is an open invitation to stress, depression, and low self-esteem. People all over the world today run, jog, skip, swim and do so much to lose those extra pounds, and as much as these activities do help but nothing has become more dearer to health enthusiasts today than biking! Yes, as unreal as it sounds,  biking is the entire craze these days, and for some pretty solid reasons too. First and foremost, it is the most environmentally friendly means of transport today. It has no carbon emission, it consumes no oil, and it requires minimal production resources and does not demand thorough cleaning every other day with gallons of water and other cleaning products.  Second is that is a much cheaper alternative to any other transport vehicles. It would be almost embarrassing to even compare how a bicycle costs a fraction of the price of any car or motor bikes. It is also easier on your budget since it requires absolute minimal maintenance. Third, is that a bike is much for efficient. It always easier to get your two-wheeler out to ride a block’s distance to your aunt’s than you have to drive there with your car or bike. It is also great for people who suffer from stress or anxiety. The open air experience does wonders to your system to help to calm down and relax. But, there is no denying that it is most favoured reason is because how riding bikes can help you lose weight.

Now, you must be thinking that it is no big news, almost all forms of exercises help lose weight. And to be honest, you are right, they do. But biking is a great way to build body strength and improve the immune system as well. But what really sets riding bikes apart from activities like running, walking, swimming and so on, is that it is much more effective, quick and versatile  when it comes to weight loss than the latter forms. It really is the most fun, safe and healthiest way to lose body weight. And riding bikes do not just help you lose weight in just a way or two, It helps you lose weight all over the body in a more uniform fashion, as opposed to targeting just a specific spot or area. Here are a few ways how its works it magic on your stubborn fats!

  1. High heart rate

Heart rate may not sound all that important when it comes to weight loss, but in reality, it is actually one of the most fundamental and basic ways to lose weight! The higher the heart rate, also known as pulse, the more you burn in calories. This happens when the heart pumps blood in and out vigorously, eventually using up energy and producing heat and sweat. This is done to oxygenate blood into the heart to deliver oxygen to the moving muscle; this form of exercise is popularly known as aerobics. And out of all the forms of aerobic exercises, riding bikes are one of the top activities to result in a faster and higher heart beat rate or pulse. The active slow pedaling or the rigorous pedaling works every muscle on the body, especially the lower body. This results in increase in body temperature, eventually increasing the heart rate to relieve the body heat. And one of the highest factors contributing to weight loss is doing an activity than results in higher heart rate or pulse.

  1. Grooming up the body muscles

Often times you will notice that after a drastic weight loss, you will certainly have achieved the weight goal, but your body mass become an absolute disaster. You may look all slender and thin, but your body almost wilts downs like a limp and dehydrated plant. Your skin turn to sag and you you often feel weak or light on your toes. Now, for anyone who has tried, will know that  just losing weight alone is a war, let alone maintain a strong and proper physique. Well, riding bikes do just that! This activity is like hitting two birds with one stone . Here is how: riding bikes works the entire body, specifically targeting the lower body. It works the leg muscles, the calf muscle, tendons, joint and the gluteus. The constant movement on various surfaces acts to tone and fortify the lower body muscles by either eliminating excess the leg fat, or building muscles.

  1. Bike, Metabolism and its wonders

Now what is the metabolism? Metabolism is simply the action of converting food in energy. So, the higher your metabolic rate, the more food is converted to energy and less is converted into stored fat. But over time, your metabolic rate tends to drop due external or internal factors, thus, to end up eventually gaining weight.. Did you know that on a healthy metabolic rate human body cells are able to renew each and every aspect of its existence, the skin, the hair, organs cells and literally every cell, every six months? Basically, you are newly born every six months! And it has been proven through numerous researches and studies that riding bikes, over a span or months or years, can actually begin to manipulate your metabolic rate for the good. Riding bikes does not just help you lose weight, it helps you lose faster!

  1. Adding bursts of energy to your routine

Sometimes, extreme may be a good thing after all, and it will definitely prove so in your weight! Riding bikes nice and slow in a comfortable pace is sufficient already to help you burn calories, but why not cheat a little? Did you know you can cycle away to burning even more calories than the usual rate? Adding a little twist to your cycling routine is going to help you reach your weight goals much faster. Here is a neat trick to losing more weight while riding bikes: Add small and brief bursts of vigorous and fast cycling sessions. Start with half a minute of vigorous and then proceed progressively into a minute or two.  In fact, just a minute of some high intensity cycling is enough to burn several more calories. Thus, adding a few extra minutes, approx 4 to 5 minutes of rigorous bike riding will result in one of the highest calorie burnouts you can achieve. You will lose nearly 450 to 500 calories in an hour long session of intense cycling!

  1. Diet- the good, the bad and the ugly

It is true that regardless of diet, riding bikes will keep burning good number of calories as usual as it always does. But if you think you will get away with weight gain even after downing a gallon of beer and a bucket of fries, then you are very wrong. This is no cliché, but you had to see this coming. Diet is, of course, one of the most crucial and essential factors that influence your weight, among many other features. There are times when unhealthy eating is justified throughout the year, however, eating a healthy and balanced diet alongside your daily biking routine is going to make your distant dreams of fitting into that cute dress that much more closer and clearer! So, if you are looking to losing some serious weight, include a healthy, protein rich diet alongside pedaling away on your bike.

  1. Sleep- the silent calorie police

It is no news that not getting enough sleep is enough to drag your whole day through hell. It makes you tired, grumpy and dead. But you get about your day with your tired and droopy eyes with dark circles and under eye like it does you no harm. Little did you know that the quality of your sleep is linked to your weight! Not getting enough sleep or not sleeping well contributes to weight gain. One way to tackle this is by making yourself just enough tired. A mild to vigorous cycling session, hours before the end of a long day before you finally go to sleep, can actually enhance your sleeping quality! This is because the strenuous cycling and full body movement renders you exhausted enough to be able to savour and appreciate a good sleep, whereas if you were not as tired, you probably would have spent half the night counting sheep. Now you may be confused as to why ride bikes instead of doing some other exercise. Well, it simple: it is easier and more convenient to ride a best stationary bike in your room than to find enough spaces to run at odd hours of the night.

The number of ways how and why riding bike help you lose weight are endless. Some may be more convenient and achievable to you, while others not so much. But one thing to remember here is that consistency is key.  Do not be afraid to pedal your way into a more beautiful and healthy you by stepping back after a failed attempt or two! It is definitely not going to be an easy journey to lose weight, but with consistent sessions on your 2 wheeler trainer, you will be surprised what transformation you are capable of!

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