Avari Conversion II Rower Recumbent Bike

Avari Conversion II Rower Recumbent Bike

Everyone likes to stay healthy and fit no matter how old they are. Some people do their workouts at a fitness center and some do it at home when they have the necessary fitness equipment. The Avari conversion ii rower recumbent bike is manufactured by the world famous fitness equipment manufacturer Stamina. They have equipped this training machine with some of the latest features and options which makes your workouts much more effective. This machine performs the function of two machines where it reduces your investment significant on two machines for your home workout sessions. This is a hybrid training machine which works as a recumbent bike and a rowing machine at the same time. You will realize the effectiveness of the exercise once you start sweating and getting ripped off. It actually gives you a full body workout at an affordable price range. The workouts on the training machine focus both on your upper body and the lower body. It also boosts your cardiac fitness levels.

This training machine has some amazing features which are really worth having a look at. You will never be disappointed for the price you pay. The hybrid functioning of the machine focuses largely on the muscle groups which is quite an untouched zone by the traditional machines. The body of the machine is made of sturdy steel and a mix of aluminum which ensures long durability and stable hold. The machine also features an 8 level magnetic resistance system to customize workouts as per the users wish. The large LCD monitor placed facing your eyes tracks down and displays all the necessary details and you could also track different records through this display.

The high tech pulse sensors which are placed on the handle bar accurately measure your heart rate and provides with the suitable heart zone workout sessions. This machine doesn’t consume much space in your house. It could be folded in a very comfortable manner and you can also place the machine wherever you want since it is equipped with movable transport wheels. The training machine could accommodate a maximum of 250 lbs. where most of the men and women would be eligible to use it.

Stamina has been keen to include all the latest options and features in the computer system of this machine. The large LCD screen is a perfect sized display which is easy to be viewed by the user. The computer could track and display the speed, distance rotated, time lapse, user’s pulse rate, accurate time, amount of calories burnt, and the odometer through the attractive display. The buyer or the user will be provided with an instruction manual with all the guidelines regarding the usage, some pictures, and the necessary tools which will be required to assemble the machines. Under normal circumstances, 2 hours will be more than enough to assemble this training machine with the help of the detailed instructions provided. Experience the workouts of two different machines from the same machine with the Avari conversion ii rower recumbent bike. You can read more here.

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